Tong-Len Charitable Trust - Compassion in Action: charity based in dharamsala supporting displaced communities in Himachal Pradesh, India. Compassion in Action


Educational Programmes

Tong-Len’s main focus is education.  Education for all children, regardless of their circumstances is a goal to which every society aspires.  The United Nations has declared this to be one of its development goals, stipulating that by 2015 every child should have access to primary education. Tong-Len is committed to this goal and runs a wide programme of education in one of the homeless camps.

Child Education and Sponsorship

Under Tong-Len's Child Sponsorship programme, children are given the opportunity to attend one of the best local schools full-time where they can access a diverse and accredited curriculum. Unlike many child sponsorship programmes, all money raised in sponsorship goes directly to the support of the children concerned. Accommodation is provided in the Tong-Len hostels.

Primary Tent School and Nursery Tent School

In the Tong-Len tent school there are free elementary classes in Hindi, English and Maths.  For the under fives, the nursery tent provides a focus for child development and educational play.  Here children have the opportunity to learn the skills that they will need if they have the opportunity of full-time education.

Community Education

We organise community information seminars, encouraging families to become aware of issues relating to public health, hygeine and environmental management.