Tong-Len Charitable Trust - Compassion in Action: charity based in dharamsala supporting displaced communities in Himachal Pradesh, India. Compassion in Action

Child Sponsorship

The cost for one child to attend school and live in the hostel is 75,000 rupees per annum, which is about £830 at the current rate of exchange. As this is a considerable sum to seek from any one sponsor, most children have up to five sponsors.

All sponsors are given details, photos and regular progress updates of the children they are supporting and are able to communicate with them if they wish by email or post to the hostel.

Child sponsorship not only provides an education, it also provides some of the joys of childhood to children who have known nothing but the hardships of hunger, disease, begging and scavenging.

If you would like to support Tong-Len's sponsorship programme, and know that every penny of your money is being used to benefit a child in one of the above ways, then please contact